Book Publishing Software

Writers have different options open to them after a book writing project is complete. Upon completion of a book writers can give the manuscript to publishers or self-publish their book. When you start your book writing project you decide if you want to use design software and on the web you will find amazing software that has word processing, graphics, page layout and more.
Desktop publishing software used for Windows which are very good and recommended to use, includes: QuarkXPress, Serif PagePlus, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher and hundreds more, but these few are very handy and easy to use. Desktop Publisher from Microsoft for example will allow you to easily publish, Web pages, slide shows, calendars, fliers, letterheads, Newsletters and Brochures.
A Kindle Publishing Program is another great way for writers to create and upload their book writing project. The best part is that it is all free and when you make the book available to Amazon Kindle. You will be paid for books sold. Writers using the Kindle Direct Publishing ensure that their books are electronically available. With no publishing or sign-up fees, writers will receive 70% of the money their book earns.
Scribus 1.3.7 is also open source publishing software with all the features you will find in expensive self-publishing software. Great tools in this software include table creation tools, text effects, logo editing tools, graphic editing tools PDF creation and a wiki.
The Quark X Press 8 is quite pricey has built-in Flash features, graphics effects and styles, pen tools, language support and style sheets. For $800 Mac and Windows users will find it worth the money.
Adobe’s In Design can be used as part of a free 30 day trial and has outstanding features which includes, Drawing tools, text effects, smart guides, table creation, page sizes and styles, transformation tools, 3-D artwork and much more. Online tutorials are comprehensive both in creating the book and the publishing of the book.



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