Writers Guild of America Rewards Top Writers of TV Shows

Writers often have a very difficult job as their writings are often made out as not good enough. Many writers try their hand at short stories and then book writing, but just never seem to make it to the big leagues. The whole objective for writers regardless of what they write is to be read and appreciated. Being appreciated and recognized for their brilliance is what happened at the Writers Guild when they listed the 101 best-written shows of All Time. With no further adieu, here are they as listed from best according to America:
1. The Sopranos
2. Seinfeld
3. Twilight Zone
4. All in the family
6. Mary Tyler Moore
7. Mad Men
8. Cheers
9. The Wire
10. West Wing
11. Simpsons
12. I Love Lucy
13. Breaking Bad
14. Dick van Dyke
15. Hill Street Blues
16. Arrested Development
17. Daily Show with Jon Stewart
18. Six Feet under
19. Taxi
20. Larry Sanders Show
21. 30 Rock
22. Friday Night Lights
23. Frasier
24. Friends
25. Saturday night Live
26. X-Files
27. Lost
28. ER
29. Cosby Show
30. Curb your Enthusiasm
31. Honeymooners
32. Deadwood
33. Star Trek
34. Modern Family
35. Twin Peaks
36. NYPD Blue
37. Carol Burnett show
38. Battlestar Galactica
39. Sex 7 THE City
40. Game of Thrones
41. Bob Newhart Show
42. Law and Order – Thirtysomething
43. Homicide:Life on the Street –St. Elsewhere
44. Homeland
45. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
46. Colbert report
47. The Good Wife
48. Northern Exposure
49. The Wonder years
50. L.A. Law
51. Sesame Street
52. Columbo
53. Fawlty towers
54. Rockford Files
55. Freaks and Geeks
56. Moonlightning
57. Roots
58. Everybody loves Raymond
59. South Park
60. Playhouse
61. Dexter
62. US Office
63. My So-Called Life
64. Golden Girls
65. Andy Griffith Show



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